Day #16

Happy MLK Day Everyone!

Today was an interesting day, I for one was one of the lazy ones who slept in and got some much needed rest and relax time. I got in the Word Proverbs 16 and was very encouraged in my heart yet challenged as well. This is a year where I am really trying to root out anything in me that is not of God so I am trying to take everything to heart. “Commit to the LORD whatever you do,
and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3 Daily Scripture. As I read this I thought to myself: “Man God I really need a job and I really need a job in Dallas and you know I will use it for you, please help me in this situation.” I was encouraged to trust in these words and I decided no longer to worry about it. When they call me they call me, I am not gonna sit around waiting, I am gonna move forward. I watched a few movies then went off to the gym to get my workout in as the day was just beginning to get interesting! After my workout I came in and cleaned up then went to Gecko for a late lunch and to watch the Bulls-Grizzlies game. I ordered the blackened chicken salad with no onions and of course they put onions on it. After picking out the onions I ate it and it was good. It was back to the house to facebook and follow up on a job lead I got for and apartment leasing agent. Once my roommate got home from work I said whats up to him. Noticing some tension after awhile I suggested I could make him some grilled chicken salad as I was doing for myself (actually I ended up making chicken noodle soup) He said he would rather go to Zen, an upscale restaurant and sports bar I had never been too. I agreed to go with him after I ate so we could get some hang time. (Little did I know what was about to happen there)
We walked into Zen, a dark more modern sports bar marketed toward affluent singles in our neighborhood. We asked a few people if we could sit at the table next to them for there was a purse there and we weren’t sure if it was taken or not. They said sure and moved the purse. As Van and I caught up a another woman joined the group that was seated next to us. The waiter came and took our orders and I have to tell you this waiter was perfect. She had the perfect balance of when to refill and when to ask for our orders. She was right on cue, which was good because i have a hard time sometimes with the over-waiter or the under-waiter. as Van and I were talking and waiting on our food (which he paid for $5wings for me) I noticed the group next to us playing a game where you spin a quarter and whoever the quarter lands closest to, the designated person has to go kiss them. Never seen that before but they seemed to have a good time with it so I just tried to ignore it. The waiter brought our food and after praying we started to eat, and that is when it happened. As I was jumping into my wings I noticed the group next to us whispering and then I saw one of the girls heads turn and look our way. Sensing that something not to good was about to go down I buried my head into my wings and tried to ignore the girl as she approached Van and I. Suddenly I felt this tap on my shoulder and heard this woman saying: “Hey my friends and I are playing a game and I have to kiss someone and I was wondering if you would mine.” Totally uncomfortable and embarrassed I started to panic for a way out of this with out hurting her feelings for I had no desire to kiss her (which I probably shouldn’t have been concerned with her feelings but) so I made an excuse (it was a valid excuse) however she insisted and tried to make a move, so I moved away telling her I can’t (I KNOW IT WAS WEAK, really I didn’t want to and i should have just said NO in a firm voice) Then she fired back with the oh don’t you think I am pretty, (buy this time her friends are telling her to back off me and leave the poor guy alone) I responded no you are pretty but I can’t do this and you are gonna get me in a lot of trouble as I slid over to the other side of the table (AGAIN WEAK RESPONSE I KNOW BUT I AM NOT USED TO THESE THINGS HAPPENING SO GIVE ME SOME GRACE). At that moment the guy she was with came and grabbed her and he didn’t look to happy about any of this. I told them I am sorry (which I really didn’t have anything to be sorry for but I felt bad because she embarrassed herself). I then looked at Van and said bro I feel like Satan has been throwing everything he has at me lately. (some weird out of the ordinary stuff has been happening on top of the fact that I am broke and jobless so it feels like my masculinity is being stripped away (sisters please don’t respond to that comment in any way shape or fashion, it’s a guy thing). “Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice.” Proverbs 16:8 A few minutes later one of the guys came over and told me he was sry and asked why I didn’t kiss her and I reluctantly shared that I had changed my life and don’t do that type of stuff anymore. (AGAIN weak I know, I should have been on the offense not the defense). “Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for; through the fear of the LORD a man avoids evil.” Proverbs 16:6 After they left the other couple that was there apologized to us and told me that that girl was married and not to the guy she was there with. (sadness came over my heart) I thought to myself man anyone who wants to go date in the world is only asking for misery. If you don’t marry a sould out disciple of Jesus, you are asking for hard times, I don’t care how cool that guy is or how beautiful that girl is. In the words of Ray Lamontage: “Trouble, trouble, trouble trouble.” After we finished watching OKC beat up on the Celtics we jetted out of there. I then called the great Byron Douglas Pemberton (the walking bible) and told him to stop playing around at his girlfriend Shawn Howard’s place and get over hear to watch the Lakers Mavericks game with me (the Mavericks are his team). He said he would be there in 30 minutes so I went and got my cardio workout on while I waited. When he got there I told him what happened but not before I changed into my 2007 San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship tee shirt just to make him mad. Dallas and San Antonio fans are bitter rivals. we went to Gecko where I enjoyed my free lemonade as he ordered a weak-sauce Miller Lite beer (and he calls himself a disciple) just kidding Doug is awesome! As we watched the Lakers beat the Mavericks (Jason Terry you should have known better than to leave Derek fisher open at the 3 point line with the game on the line and 5 seconds left) we started conversing with my friend whom has been coming out to the bibletalks off and on. we had us a good ole spiritual conversation. It was then time for bed.


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One Response to Day #16

  1. Deirdre Arthur ( known to you as Cousin Carol) says:

    I think its cool you are writing a diary thing and sharing it. I only have a small comment, about the onions you don’t like. I use to not like onions either, but onions is a natural herb plant that prevents bacteria and viruses, it will protect your body from germs naturally. So, thank God that he provides food that keeps you healthy and whole. Onions do a lot more than this too.
    I heard you got a job in Dallas working in an Art Gallery…… did you land that job? I think that is awesome!

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