day 20

Good morning all today is vacation day.

This morning I awoke very disoriented as my alarm was going off at 4am. I had a flight to catch at 6:15 so I got up after almost hitting snooze on my phone before I remembered that I needed to get up and catch that plane. I woke my room mate to take me to the airport as I rushed to get ready. I drove my Escape to the airport and as we pulled up I saw Bruce Davis and his wife (members of my church) headed into the airport for they to were boarding a flight. The line was outrageous and after checking my bags in athe the bag check in I had to wait in the longest security line I have ever been in. It was 5:30 when I entered and as I waited I saw Bruce up ahead so I decided to read my bible in line for security. At 5:50 I heard them make an announcement for all remaining passengers on my flight to board. seeing as though I was still a ways from getting through security I resigned to the fact that I would be missing that flight probably (how ever I still had 20 minutes til take off). Finally I was through the line and i rushed to the gate only to realize that my flight was scheduled for 6am not 6:15am and I had just missed it. Now I was gonna have to be routed all over the country all day long just to catch my flight. The first place they sent me to was OKC (I hate the Sooners) where I was decided to switch seats when those staying in OKC got off the flight. Seeing as there was a free seat in the exit Isle I figured I will stretch my legs to Denver but as I was sitting down I heard my name called on the intercom (will passenger Jeremy Lindly please take your bags to Gate 14 please. I thought oh good they must have a direct flight to LA with a seat open. as I got off the plane and approached Gate 14 with eager anticipation I soon realized that I would not be getting on a direct flight to LA but instead would have to wait another hour in OKC and hope that the next flight to Denver would have an open seat. I had to lookk at all that OU merchandise. I decided to read my bible and the book Back On Track that the whole kingdom of God seems to be reading. I read and read and as I read on I succombed to my ADHD and got up to roam around. Soon my flight arrived and to my delight there was an open seat for me. I decided to pray as I had as my friend Teniqua in Denver was going to the DR today to find out if she has cancer. I prayed that she wouldn’t have cancer. I was off to go to Denver. Once I arrived in Denver started to wake up as I had only had 4 hours of sleep the night before. I got a text from teniqua saying she aint got no stinkin cancer. Oh wait I have to back up a minute. When I was in OKC I saw a box of pecan pralines that were named Oklahoma Cow Patties (refering to poop) I also saqw a box of chocolates called Oklahoma Poop, leave it to Oklahoma top bragg about that. I just had to send photos of it to Teniqua seeing as though she is from there and talked so much trash to me about how country the Great State of TEXAS is. Get this: the box a picture of a longhorn on it. I thought why would OK put the mascot of their bitter enemies the Texas longhorns on a box of anything they sell and claim it is Oklahomas but oh well……. Anyway after I landed I told Teniqua I was in her city so she came to the airport and took me out to lunch. I was gonna pay but she insisted so I told the cashier at Chipotle that she (Teniqua) was gonna be my suga- mama today. The cashier responded by saying: “and youre not even that cute of a date!” I let her get away with that one. After having lunch with Teniqua she took me back to the airport and I boarded my flight to LA. I landed aroung 5:30 and got on the shuttle to Enterprise rent a car. After haggling for a good rental price I got in the car and fought LA rush hour traffic all the way to Orange County! There I prayed with the brothers and sisters and reconnected with Christian, Jeff Mangifico, the Buckners and a lot of others. I then went to hang out with my good old friend Mike and me his girlfriend. We were in the campus ministry back in the day. I had dinner with him at Sonic and then I checked into Motel 6 for the night.


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