Day #15

Hello everyone!
This morning I awoke and immediately I was in the battle as Satan was throwing things at me. Dontaye Carter whom visited me from Tulsa got me up to give him the address for church. I decided to go to the southwest region service since my friend Ruthie was visiting from LA. Halfway awake I sat at my kitchen table reading my Bible and and I will tell you this. I was convicted again in my heart and sobered by what the bible has been telling me about the heart. “The Lord detest the sacrifice of the wicked, but the prayer of the upright pleases him.” Prov 15:8 Daily Scripture.
After reading I got on the road to the south service and boy was I in for a treat as one of my former students, Ben Fuqua, preached at our service about the Ironman race he competed in last year. $ Main points:
1. The Training
2. The Swim (You can’t win the race in the swim but you sure can lose it)
This is similar to the beginning of the walk with God.
You can’t win it there but you sure can lose it.
3. The Ride (112 mile bicycle ride)
4. The Race
You must finish and not bonk out.

After church I was able to catch up with a lot of my former disciples and it was very encouraging being with them. I will say that I was super encouraged. After church I rushed to Gecko where I met up with Dontaye and one of the guys I am reaching out to and we watched my Houston Texans lose to the Jaguars. Saddened and bummed out I headed out and caught up on phone calls and watched quantum leap with my roommate!
The race is about maintaining your body. You must know your body.
How are you training yourself Spiritually


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One Response to Day #15

  1. Deirdre Arthur ( known to you as Cousin Carol) says:

    Here is an analogy you might use……It goes straight to the Truth!‎
    “The House of the Burning Incense” The search for God is like smelling burning incense. Imagine God’s home as a place with incense burning, and the scent of that incense travels far and wide into vast places–to homes, churches, and so on. As people pass through these places, seeking the “God Source,” they smell the trace of God’s presence but not the source. So, they keep journeying, keep searching, until one day they are in “The House of the Burning Incense”, where God resides, and they can smell the sweet fragrance of that incense firsthand. Sufani Garza, channels Ascended Master Euclytus

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