Day 8

Hello Everyone,

This morning as I sat at the kitchen table looking out the 3rd story window of my apartment that my roomate so graciously allows me to stay at, at a reduced rent I couldn’t help but think about how unwise I really am. Reading proverbs can convict you on your stupidity or lack of wisdom at times. It was hard for me to focus because I was tick’d off about a situation that arose where I was challenged and didn’t like it. Since I hadn’t had the “sit down” to get resolved through this situation where I am feeling super wronged (but I am sure that I also have the pride monster flaring up) my inner anger is boiling up but the inner spirit is saying don’t get prideful and I am just now mad and frustrated. Gues what scripture I just read as all this is going on in my mind. “To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.” Proverbs 8:13 Daily Scripture! I am very angry this morning, and I am feeling like people are talking behind my back (this may be true it may not be true) and I even had the thought this morning of I don’t want to see these people at church today if this is how they are. I am also running late so I am mad frustrated and late so now I am more frustrated. I decide to call a few people this morning for a last minute church invite, non of them respond.

I am super late today (had a little hiccup this morning getting ready) and as I get there I see that the Convention Center where we are having our congregational is having a Bridal show and they are charging for parking. I start to wonder if I am in the right place for service. As I come up to the parking attendant she ask if I am here for the bridal show and for some reason (pride) I panic and out of fear of saying church and her telling me there is no church meeting here today, I sin and tell her that I am here to meet someone who goes to my church. She says the DFW Church, I say yes and she says oh ok you don’t have to pay just go in and park. I drive on in rebuking myself for being: foolish, coward, and deceitful. I walk into church with so much on my heart and as I walk in there are bridal show women everywhere on the first floor. As I walk toward the elevator I see this woman walking my way who from a distance at first glance is very attractive, I immediately tell myself don’t look, don’t look as she gets closer and closer, I tell myself there is no way I am gonna take a second look at her and I keep my eyes looking straight ahead. As she passes me I here a voice say “hey Jeremy” and as I look I realize that that girl is a disciple from another region. VICTORY! I am super late and I walk into the kids kingdom sure that I had missed the message (so I figured I would hang out til the end of annoucements. As Marty Chavez and I are talking P90X one of the brothers comes in and says that they are about to begin the lesson. I rush upstairs but before I go in I see one of the disciples that I need to get resolved with. I pull him aside and we have a good ole fashion talk! It went very well, that disciple was very humble and I really appreciated thier heart to listen. I went into service where I got to here Marty Fuquay “Light It Up” about being chosen by God. You can listen to his sermon at and click resources then sermons. The main points I got from the lesson were
1. I need to have a continual conversion after being around 13 years
2. I am still forgiven
3. The church isn’t perfect and I have to be patient
4. The Christian life is a full triathalon not a half marathon.
5. Walking it is better than quitting it
6. Crawling it is better than quitting it
7. I need to HOLD ON through this tough time!

Lunch was great, our singles went to Champps reataurant and had a great time. I was able to get some more resolve about some issues. I caught up with one of the guys we are studying with. I went home and worked out HARD. Watched the Broncos beat the Steelers in the wildcard game.

Time with the Taylors

That night I went over to Shedrick and Jessica Taylors and hung out with them. We had some great conversation about training up “House Church Leaders” and sending them to these small towns with one other couple and having them plant the churches their. We also talked about how I believe that the best way to grow the bigger churches is to break them up (in some cases) and send half the church out on mission teams. I will explain more on this in my church planting blog that I will post tomorrow so hold your judgement until you read it.
Good night!

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One Response to Day 8

  1. Sister from denver says:

    Hello Jeremy – I do not know you personally, but I also stumble acrossed your blog. God must think somehow this form of media will build your character to be more like Christ. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your daily struggles as well as the victories.

    My eye also twitches when I’m stressed.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share with you some thoughts. Hopefully to be aware of things. I know you are looking for a career. You may want to be careful what you share in your blog about the interview or any personal thoughts about the process for example ” military boot camp, micro manage or how you thought they planted people”. Human Resources personnel are checking social media sites for info about people they are looking to hire.

    Remember sin is alive inside of us and it’s a daily battle. Romans 7:14-20
    I will be praying for you. To God Be The Glory!

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