day 20

Good morning all today is vacation day.

This morning I awoke very disoriented as my alarm was going off at 4am. I had a flight to catch at 6:15 so I got up after almost hitting snooze on my phone before I remembered that I needed to get up and catch that plane. I woke my room mate to take me to the airport as I rushed to get ready. I drove my Escape to the airport and as we pulled up I saw Bruce Davis and his wife (members of my church) headed into the airport for they to were boarding a flight. The line was outrageous and after checking my bags in athe the bag check in I had to wait in the longest security line I have ever been in. It was 5:30 when I entered and as I waited I saw Bruce up ahead so I decided to read my bible in line for security. At 5:50 I heard them make an announcement for all remaining passengers on my flight to board. seeing as though I was still a ways from getting through security I resigned to the fact that I would be missing that flight probably (how ever I still had 20 minutes til take off). Finally I was through the line and i rushed to the gate only to realize that my flight was scheduled for 6am not 6:15am and I had just missed it. Now I was gonna have to be routed all over the country all day long just to catch my flight. The first place they sent me to was OKC (I hate the Sooners) where I was decided to switch seats when those staying in OKC got off the flight. Seeing as there was a free seat in the exit Isle I figured I will stretch my legs to Denver but as I was sitting down I heard my name called on the intercom (will passenger Jeremy Lindly please take your bags to Gate 14 please. I thought oh good they must have a direct flight to LA with a seat open. as I got off the plane and approached Gate 14 with eager anticipation I soon realized that I would not be getting on a direct flight to LA but instead would have to wait another hour in OKC and hope that the next flight to Denver would have an open seat. I had to lookk at all that OU merchandise. I decided to read my bible and the book Back On Track that the whole kingdom of God seems to be reading. I read and read and as I read on I succombed to my ADHD and got up to roam around. Soon my flight arrived and to my delight there was an open seat for me. I decided to pray as I had as my friend Teniqua in Denver was going to the DR today to find out if she has cancer. I prayed that she wouldn’t have cancer. I was off to go to Denver. Once I arrived in Denver started to wake up as I had only had 4 hours of sleep the night before. I got a text from teniqua saying she aint got no stinkin cancer. Oh wait I have to back up a minute. When I was in OKC I saw a box of pecan pralines that were named Oklahoma Cow Patties (refering to poop) I also saqw a box of chocolates called Oklahoma Poop, leave it to Oklahoma top bragg about that. I just had to send photos of it to Teniqua seeing as though she is from there and talked so much trash to me about how country the Great State of TEXAS is. Get this: the box a picture of a longhorn on it. I thought why would OK put the mascot of their bitter enemies the Texas longhorns on a box of anything they sell and claim it is Oklahomas but oh well……. Anyway after I landed I told Teniqua I was in her city so she came to the airport and took me out to lunch. I was gonna pay but she insisted so I told the cashier at Chipotle that she (Teniqua) was gonna be my suga- mama today. The cashier responded by saying: “and youre not even that cute of a date!” I let her get away with that one. After having lunch with Teniqua she took me back to the airport and I boarded my flight to LA. I landed aroung 5:30 and got on the shuttle to Enterprise rent a car. After haggling for a good rental price I got in the car and fought LA rush hour traffic all the way to Orange County! There I prayed with the brothers and sisters and reconnected with Christian, Jeff Mangifico, the Buckners and a lot of others. I then went to hang out with my good old friend Mike and me his girlfriend. We were in the campus ministry back in the day. I had dinner with him at Sonic and then I checked into Motel 6 for the night.


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Day 19

Hello all.
today is another short blog. I woke up today full of gratitude to God for what he has done in my life! After spending time with the Lord I headed to Chiro Bistro for my second adjustment of the week and there I notified them of my good news. I also told my mother whom has been praying for me. I decided to take a short vacation to Orange County to blow off steam since I won’t be able to take a vacation for a while and I am very tired. “He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.
30 Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;
31 but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:29-31
Daily Scripture. I went to workout again afterwards and got my ticket set up for Orange County. I spoke with my lawyer about my ticket situation. She wanted to charge me 130 to take care of it but we settled on 115.


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Day# 18 (A day I will never forget)

Hello Everyone,
This morning I woke up knowing that today was the day. I was either going to hear back from AI-Dallas about the job or I was going to move on. My heart was also saddened because late last night I found out that one of the guys we were studying the bible with (who was a long time friend of one of the brothers) committed suicide! Very sad and very humbling morning. As I got my bowl of cereal and as I looked outside my kitchen window at the countryside I thought well, this is it, and I just began praying to God that today would be the day. I also prayed about my buddy I was having lunch with today. He works in Ft. Worth so I had a bit of a drive ahead of me. After breakfast I cleaned up and got on the road toward Ft. Worth. Scripture of the day “Your ways, O God, are holy. What god is so great as our God? You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.” Psalm 77:13-14 (I didn’t read this morning). As I was on my way to Ft. Worth I started thinking about what my day looked like:
1. Lunch with my friend from College
2. Chiropractor-Dallas
3. Work out and read my Bible
4. Church – But I have a brother in another region I converted who’s b-day is today and their bibletalk is celebrating his birthday and I kinda want to go.
5. I have to see how everyone is doing with the news of our friends suicide.

Catching up with an old friend!

I recieved and or made several calls on the way to Ft. Worth and everyone I talked to I asked to pray for my job situation. We prayed that I would hear back at 3pm. As I hit the 121 I could see Downtown Ft. Worth and as I descended on downtown I could see the building that I always think about when I head into downtown due to the fact that this sky scraper was virtually destroyed by a tornado when I was in college and I drove by it 1-2 hours before the tornado hit downtown that day on my way back from a bible study at Texas Christian University (God is good). As I continued my drive I remembered a girl I used to be in the campus ministry with whom reached out to me a few weeks ago on FB inquiring about church, I’ve since invited her to several events but she hasn’t been able to make it. Knowing that there was a game night this coming Friday I decided to invite her so I called and left her a message. finally I arrived in downtown and met up with my friend for lunch. As we sat down to eat Riscky’s BBQ we swapped stories about our job searches as he is in sales as am I. I shared about my job situation with him and we had a great time catching up. I would say it was a very positive meeting.

Back to Dallas

As I got on my way back to Big “D” I thought about my life and where I was at, being single at 32 and having no children yet. Over the past year my desire to have a whole bunch of kids has steadily grown. I also thought about where my heart was on the idea of dating as I have not really opened my heart in that area nor have I felt that I could with where I am in life right now. Several sisters names went through my mind as I thought about different qualities that I would want and different character things that I would need in a sister to help me grow. (Just for the record, we have some amazing sisters in the kingdom of which us brothers are lucky to have the privilege to take out on dates because we know full well that we wouldn’t even have a shot at going on a date with some of these women if we were in the world). I then began to think about different married friends that I have (whom aren’t necessarily on fire for God and or need to become disciples in order to save their marriage) and how I can inspire them to get closer to God. Oh wow, I am at the Chiropractor already (and if it seems I go a lot well I only go twice a week) time to go get my back and neck adjusted (still no word form the Art Institute by the way)! I caught up with Dr. Cornell and his wife at Chiro Bistro (Located at:

Old Town Shopping Center

5500 Greenville Avenue, Suite 606

Dallas, TX 75206)

and was out the door and on my way back to the house. As I exited the George Bush Tollway onto the Dallas North Tollway and as I was approaching Park Blvd my phone started ringing. I quickly answered it and I heard a voice on the other end say: “Jeremy Lindley this is Jodie from the Art Institute of Dallas and I was calling to let you know that the board of directors met in regard to your interview and have decided to MAKE YOU A FORMAL OFFER TO JOIN OUR STAFF AS AN ASST DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS!!!!!!!” I looked at the time on my clock and it said 2:47pm, I quickly accepted the position and as I was exiting my street my eyes started to tear up! I called my roommate (whom has been gracious enough to allow me to stay at his luxury apt at an amazingly reduced rate for which I am very grateful) and told him the good news. I when I got home I sat down at the table, looked out my 3rd story window and I “EXHALED” thanking Jesus as I felt like a huge boulder had just been lifted off my shoulders. It was time to celebrate as I called a good buddy at my apt complex that I was reaching out too and told him to meet me at Gecko burger. After my workout I met up with him and my roommate Van and we hung out as I got caught up on my friends life (pray that God allows his heart to open up to searching for him). It was then off to midweek where us men talked about forging the brotherhood as we confessed sin and corrected/encouraged each other.

I would like to take this time to thank all my friends in Denver, Texas, California, and FB land that have been praying for me and my JOB situation and I would like to thank God through whom “ALL BLESSINGS FLOW” for loving me enough to discipline me during this time of refining and for bringing me through it as a more grateful and compassionate man!

I remember my affliction and my wandering,
the bitterness and the gall.
20 I well remember them,
and my soul is downcast within me.
21 Yet this I call to mind
and therefore I have hope:

22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
24 I say to myself, “The LORD is my portion;
therefore I will wait for him.”

25 The LORD is good to those whose hope is in him,
to the one who seeks him;
26 it is good to wait quietly
for the salvation of the LORD.” Lamentations 3:19-26 NIV



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Day #17

Hey Guys
Today started late but with the Lord. I had a rushed uninspired QT. “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22 Daily Scripture. This really helped me because not hearing back from the JOB was a little discouraging so I know how much encouragement means right now. I went outside to pray and prayed to hear back from the job today. I prayed that when I opened my car door and checked my phone that was charging on my car charger that I will have a missed call from the job. Didn’t happen. I then worked out and set up time to hang with a guy who left the faith when I was in college


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Day #16

Happy MLK Day Everyone!

Today was an interesting day, I for one was one of the lazy ones who slept in and got some much needed rest and relax time. I got in the Word Proverbs 16 and was very encouraged in my heart yet challenged as well. This is a year where I am really trying to root out anything in me that is not of God so I am trying to take everything to heart. “Commit to the LORD whatever you do,
and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3 Daily Scripture. As I read this I thought to myself: “Man God I really need a job and I really need a job in Dallas and you know I will use it for you, please help me in this situation.” I was encouraged to trust in these words and I decided no longer to worry about it. When they call me they call me, I am not gonna sit around waiting, I am gonna move forward. I watched a few movies then went off to the gym to get my workout in as the day was just beginning to get interesting! After my workout I came in and cleaned up then went to Gecko for a late lunch and to watch the Bulls-Grizzlies game. I ordered the blackened chicken salad with no onions and of course they put onions on it. After picking out the onions I ate it and it was good. It was back to the house to facebook and follow up on a job lead I got for and apartment leasing agent. Once my roommate got home from work I said whats up to him. Noticing some tension after awhile I suggested I could make him some grilled chicken salad as I was doing for myself (actually I ended up making chicken noodle soup) He said he would rather go to Zen, an upscale restaurant and sports bar I had never been too. I agreed to go with him after I ate so we could get some hang time. (Little did I know what was about to happen there)
We walked into Zen, a dark more modern sports bar marketed toward affluent singles in our neighborhood. We asked a few people if we could sit at the table next to them for there was a purse there and we weren’t sure if it was taken or not. They said sure and moved the purse. As Van and I caught up a another woman joined the group that was seated next to us. The waiter came and took our orders and I have to tell you this waiter was perfect. She had the perfect balance of when to refill and when to ask for our orders. She was right on cue, which was good because i have a hard time sometimes with the over-waiter or the under-waiter. as Van and I were talking and waiting on our food (which he paid for $5wings for me) I noticed the group next to us playing a game where you spin a quarter and whoever the quarter lands closest to, the designated person has to go kiss them. Never seen that before but they seemed to have a good time with it so I just tried to ignore it. The waiter brought our food and after praying we started to eat, and that is when it happened. As I was jumping into my wings I noticed the group next to us whispering and then I saw one of the girls heads turn and look our way. Sensing that something not to good was about to go down I buried my head into my wings and tried to ignore the girl as she approached Van and I. Suddenly I felt this tap on my shoulder and heard this woman saying: “Hey my friends and I are playing a game and I have to kiss someone and I was wondering if you would mine.” Totally uncomfortable and embarrassed I started to panic for a way out of this with out hurting her feelings for I had no desire to kiss her (which I probably shouldn’t have been concerned with her feelings but) so I made an excuse (it was a valid excuse) however she insisted and tried to make a move, so I moved away telling her I can’t (I KNOW IT WAS WEAK, really I didn’t want to and i should have just said NO in a firm voice) Then she fired back with the oh don’t you think I am pretty, (buy this time her friends are telling her to back off me and leave the poor guy alone) I responded no you are pretty but I can’t do this and you are gonna get me in a lot of trouble as I slid over to the other side of the table (AGAIN WEAK RESPONSE I KNOW BUT I AM NOT USED TO THESE THINGS HAPPENING SO GIVE ME SOME GRACE). At that moment the guy she was with came and grabbed her and he didn’t look to happy about any of this. I told them I am sorry (which I really didn’t have anything to be sorry for but I felt bad because she embarrassed herself). I then looked at Van and said bro I feel like Satan has been throwing everything he has at me lately. (some weird out of the ordinary stuff has been happening on top of the fact that I am broke and jobless so it feels like my masculinity is being stripped away (sisters please don’t respond to that comment in any way shape or fashion, it’s a guy thing). “Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice.” Proverbs 16:8 A few minutes later one of the guys came over and told me he was sry and asked why I didn’t kiss her and I reluctantly shared that I had changed my life and don’t do that type of stuff anymore. (AGAIN weak I know, I should have been on the offense not the defense). “Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for; through the fear of the LORD a man avoids evil.” Proverbs 16:6 After they left the other couple that was there apologized to us and told me that that girl was married and not to the guy she was there with. (sadness came over my heart) I thought to myself man anyone who wants to go date in the world is only asking for misery. If you don’t marry a sould out disciple of Jesus, you are asking for hard times, I don’t care how cool that guy is or how beautiful that girl is. In the words of Ray Lamontage: “Trouble, trouble, trouble trouble.” After we finished watching OKC beat up on the Celtics we jetted out of there. I then called the great Byron Douglas Pemberton (the walking bible) and told him to stop playing around at his girlfriend Shawn Howard’s place and get over hear to watch the Lakers Mavericks game with me (the Mavericks are his team). He said he would be there in 30 minutes so I went and got my cardio workout on while I waited. When he got there I told him what happened but not before I changed into my 2007 San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship tee shirt just to make him mad. Dallas and San Antonio fans are bitter rivals. we went to Gecko where I enjoyed my free lemonade as he ordered a weak-sauce Miller Lite beer (and he calls himself a disciple) just kidding Doug is awesome! As we watched the Lakers beat the Mavericks (Jason Terry you should have known better than to leave Derek fisher open at the 3 point line with the game on the line and 5 seconds left) we started conversing with my friend whom has been coming out to the bibletalks off and on. we had us a good ole spiritual conversation. It was then time for bed.


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Day #15

Hello everyone!
This morning I awoke and immediately I was in the battle as Satan was throwing things at me. Dontaye Carter whom visited me from Tulsa got me up to give him the address for church. I decided to go to the southwest region service since my friend Ruthie was visiting from LA. Halfway awake I sat at my kitchen table reading my Bible and and I will tell you this. I was convicted again in my heart and sobered by what the bible has been telling me about the heart. “The Lord detest the sacrifice of the wicked, but the prayer of the upright pleases him.” Prov 15:8 Daily Scripture.
After reading I got on the road to the south service and boy was I in for a treat as one of my former students, Ben Fuqua, preached at our service about the Ironman race he competed in last year. $ Main points:
1. The Training
2. The Swim (You can’t win the race in the swim but you sure can lose it)
This is similar to the beginning of the walk with God.
You can’t win it there but you sure can lose it.
3. The Ride (112 mile bicycle ride)
4. The Race
You must finish and not bonk out.

After church I was able to catch up with a lot of my former disciples and it was very encouraging being with them. I will say that I was super encouraged. After church I rushed to Gecko where I met up with Dontaye and one of the guys I am reaching out to and we watched my Houston Texans lose to the Jaguars. Saddened and bummed out I headed out and caught up on phone calls and watched quantum leap with my roommate!
The race is about maintaining your body. You must know your body.
How are you training yourself Spiritually


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Day #14 (showtime)

Hello everyone today is a great blog entry. If you are fortunate enough to read this blog then you are about to go on a wild ride inside my mind today. This morning I woke up at 6:00am having gotten 4 hrs rest due to not being able to go to sleep til 2am (anxiety, excitement, battling temptation and overcoming -And the church said AMEN) don’t everyone rush to send me 1 Peter 5:7 at once now! Anyway I laid there trying to sleep some more until 6:30 when I was like I this isn’t working, it’s time to get up. I sat at my table looking out my window at the countryside of Lewisville and the town lights as it was still dark outside. I then spent some time in prayer for my job situation and for the date I had coming up later this morning. Prayed that the two sisters who came in from outta town to visit their married friends would have a great time. I then either made some breakfast tacos or eat some Special K cereal while reading Proverbs 13 and 14. “A wise man fears the LORD and shuns evil, but a fool is hotheaded and reckless.” Proverbs 14:16
“A quick-tempered man does foolish things, and a crafty man is hated.” Proverbs 14:17
“The light of the righteous shines brightly, but the lamp of the wicked is snuffed out.” Proverbs 13:9 Daily Scriptures
I spent some time meditating on these scriptures (and I would be glad I did later on in that day) due to the fact that I have gotten really upset about some things lately and either have fired back or wanted to fire back. It made me contemplate the times I have been quick-tempered and reckless with my words or reacted verbally in a defensive manner or reacted verbally out of frustration when it would have been much better to go pray/sleep on what was said and come back and repeat it for understanding and then respond. The kicker with that is all it takes is responding in a quick-tempered manner once, to seriously damage a relationship and all it takes is doing it twice to build a bad reputation. I know I have responded that way once in the last 30 days. As I looked out the window at the sky that was starting to lighten up as the sun was getting ready to rise, once again all I could think to myself is you idiot! Well it is time for some major reflection and meditation in this area. I definitely don’t feel like this is me over the last 4 years, I thought to myself, but I have enough of a reputation for being this way that I can’t allow this to happen even once, because when I do, it gets magnified 100 times over and I think it is a little more hurtful coming from me. Bottom line, I cannot react out of emotion, frustration, or anger, EVER, and I won’t be that person.

Preparing 2 Encourage
After getting in the Word it was off to the gym across the street to workout. I got 5-10 hard minutes on the bike and then I did biceps and chest for 20 minutes (short workout). It was time to go clean up and get myself ready to encourage. By 9:15 I was off to meet a brother whom called me the week before to offer me some cash (super humbling to share but very encouraged by God’s heart to provide) in which after doing the whole: “no bro that”s okay, no bro take it, no bro I appreciate it save it for another day, no bro I got you” I caved in and he not only gave me a nice some of money, but when I told him I will pay it back he responded with the heart of no you keep it, you’ve helped me, others, let me help you, you have other things to take care of. WHOA! Thank you God and bro if you ever read this blog thank you again from the deepest part of my heart. Now it was time to get some flowers and go encourage the sisters and it would be an exciting trip to the store to get flowers. Once I got to the store to get flowers, I decided to chage clothes. I went to the bathroom in the back of the store and at the end of a hallway that you had to enter through a door that had a square window at the top. I entered the hallway and reached to open the mens room door only to be denied due to it already being occupied. So I waited and waited……and waited. This man was in there gruntin and flushin! After 10 minutes and with the 11am deadline approaching I thought about just changing in the hallway (no one will see me, will they) I decided against it. After 3 more minutes I thought oh what the heck life is about taking chances so I changed right there in the hallway and did it with out anyone seeing me thank God!

The Arrival
I arrived at the married couples apartment where are dates were and after the other brother showed up we went to the apartment that I had written down and knocked then banged on the door, no answer so we banged harfer, still no answer so we called the brother only to find out that we were at the wrong door (either he gave me the wrong number or I wrote it down wrong). We walked to the right door and to be honest I was excited but a little nervous because I hadn’t seen my friend from LA since the summer when I was going through depression. We came in and everyone was smiles and we all greeted each other, they gave us some biscuits and we slapped a little jelly on ’em and got the heck outta there and on the road to the Ft. Worth Stockyards where I take all the Californians who come to visit.

The Date

On the ride over I got a chance to share with my date all the challenges I have gone through with transitioning outta the ministry and a lot of the things God has been teaching me that I needed to learn in order to be a better servant and love in a better way (compassion, empathy, perseverence, perseverence, surrender, faith). We arrived at the Stockyards and parked as I was briefing them on the history of the stockyards and things native to Texas. It was off to the window shopping and sight seeing. We treated the sisters to seeing all the native Texan stuff sold at the Stockyards. Blue Bell Ice Cream was a huge hit with them as they agreed that it was better than that weaksauce Ben and Jerry’s/Hagendaus mess. I of course had to have some Dublin Dr. Pepper which I am so sad to announce , will not be produced anymore because of the greed of corporate Dr. Pepper and there agreement to buy (or their forcing of Dublin Dr.Pepper to sell) The Dublin Dr. Pepper plant which is the only Dr. Pepper plant in the world that makes Dr. Pepper with real Imperial cane sugar instead of that high fructose corn syrup mess. After 100 years it’s closing down and I am not fired up about Dr. Pepper messin with a Texas Legend. R.I,P Dublin DP, it was a great run!
We saw all sorts of Native Texan stuff including the original Texas Hold’em, the Texas Jackelope, the Texas Armadillo, Dublin Dr Pepper. The sisters had a blast. Then as we were headed to lunch the lady who works in one of the stores came out and asked us if any of us had left some keys in there store and sure enough, yours truly left them in there! I was so grateful to her for bringing them to me and grateful to God. It was on to lunch at Coopers Old Time Pit BBQ! on the menu was Brisket and chicken and they all LOVED IT! I am glad to report that many times was it mentioned that this was a great idea. My date struck up a convo with a couple that was there which allowed me to get tthe guys info and I think I am gonna try to get lunch with him this week but he works right down the street from where I will be working if I get this job with the Art Institute this week. After lunch and a short 1 minute D-time moment it was off to the General store. This weekend just so happened to be the weekend of the stock show and rodeo so everyone was riding there horses down the street and several groups brought there horse and buggy with them. it was a grand sight to see ans thousands of people were there and up to 70 people were riding around on horses and buggy’s. The cowboys were everywhere and I don’t mean Dallas! (It’s a Texas thing). We shared in telling the sisters all the great things about the Sovereign State of Texas but after 4 hours it was time to get goin.

Water Gardens

As we were leaving we decide to stop at the Ft. Worth Water gardens. Knowing what the sisters were in for I showed them the amazing sight that is the Water Gardens and if you have never been there before, it is a breathe taking sight. But soon the challenge of scaling the wall (a 30 foot high wall) loomed over us. My date qyickly took on the challenge and as she began to climb I went into this catatonic state thinking to myself please God don’t let her fall and kill herself (I am deathly afraid of heights) but not to be out done you know your boy Jeremy just had to scale the wall to save face and boy did I do it clinging on to every step for dear life. With the wall behind us it was off to Braums for Ice cream again as I changed into my hilarious George W. Bush Shirt that I bought at the Stockyards. (I am a Libertarian or independent just in case you were wondering) We hit up Braums for Ice cream and then headed home.

The Bar Encounter

Once I got home I met up with a brother whom came down from another ministry to get some encouragement. We went to Gecko sports bar to watch the Broncos and Tim Tebow get killed by the Patriots. We had some good mentoring time and spiritual encouragement as we shared our strugggles with each other. Then it was time to leave. as we were leaving it happened! One of the guys at the other table said : you guys aren’t leaving yet Tebow might bring them back (down by 35 points with 3 minutes left in the game) we said no way but I thought to myself: ‘well here is a chance to engage in convo with these guys” so we talked and I asked them if they lived around here and one of them who was very tipsy brought up USC and i thought: “Oh yes we are in” so we talked about USC and I kept thinking, how am I gonna invite him and after finding out that he lived in Allen I went ahead and took the chance and invited this halfway drunken cussin Trojan fan to church. To my shock he said: I dont really go to church I believe in God but I don’t know the Bible like I should, Once he said that I pulled out my bible and we had an on the spot bible preview. We got the number and headed out. God is awesome and I can wait to see how God writes this guys story! Goodnght guys and gals


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