Day # 12 (Humbling Humbling Humbling)

Hey Guys today was lets just say super humbling. After not being able to sleep very well at my grandma’s last night I woke up super tired this morning around 9:30am. (did’nt get to sleep til around 2:30am – Anxiety I think and the fact I had to sleep in the recliner) I got up and cleaned up then it was off to Downtown bastrop to get some lunch before my meeting with the prosecutor. I of course stopped at Whataburger where I notice a piece of paper on the drive through window where apparently whenever a Whataburger employee has a birthday they invite you (the customer) to give them a dollar under no obligation. I so wanted too but I didn’t have a dollar bill on me. I took my lunch and drove right over to the courthouse to eat it and read my bible in the parking lot. I felt so much more at peace today than I have the last 3 days. After reading part of Proverbs and contemplating on Prov 11:8 “The righteous man is rescued from trouble, and it comes on the wicked instead.” Daily Scripture. I definitely need rescuing today. As I sat in my car I noticed 3 women outside the courthouse smoking away and I thought to myself is one of them the judge or prosecutor that I will be seeing today. Finally I walked into the courtroom and sat up front as I was the only one there, an I waited. My scheduled time was 1:00pm and I waited and waited. The clerk came in and turned of all things “soap operas” on so as you probably guessed half of my time in there was trying to avoid looking at the godless stuff on the TV. Then a woman walks in dressed very professional and sits across the isle from me. She says I’ve never gotten to watch Soaps before in court. Now at this moment I have been staring at the judges seat for 20 minutes now and it is intimidating so I felt very uncomfortable. Seeing as though this woman seemed very at ease, I asked her if she was a lawyer and she said yes. The clerk came in and called her first so I sat even longer. eventually the clerk called me and I went and met with the prosecutor and explained my situation. The prosecutor told me that I should have gotten a lawyer when I first got my ticket 2 years ago. She said I never should have paid it, b/’c then the state tacks you with a surcharge and these surcharges are a huge trap. It was very humbling to see how ignorant I was in these matters. She gave me an extension so I could get a lawyer and get all this taken care of. She gave me some good news in the sense that i can now get a occupational drivers license.

Leaving humbled and grateful I went to the coffee shop to fill out my background check survey for the job I interviewed for yesterday. I was able to tell them that my License may come up in the background check. ( I think this is why I wasn’t hired at the Art Institute of Austin) I then got on the road for Dallas around 3 and I had to get back in a hurry b/c I had planned on cooking dinner for a bunch of disciples from the UT-Arlington campus ministry that night.I got some great prayer time on the way back and contemplated a lot. God does rescue the Godly from trouble and all I have now is hope that he is going to rescue me and allow me to land this job in Dallas. Please pray for me in that. Once I got back to Dallas I was able to treat the UTA ministry as well as the great Mary Snow (pray for her husbands mom whom is in bad health) to some steak and eggs/ chicken Alfredo/ Hawaiian Wheat rolls, We had a great time catching up.


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