Day #5

“Judgement Day”

This morning was a huge morning for me.  I was supposed to appear in court to fight a traffic ticket I got in Bastrop, Texas.  As I drove from Austin to Bastrop at 6am I got tired and stopped at the HEB grocery store and took an hour nap in my car. I wanted to pray at this park in Bastrop once I got there. I woke up every 20 minutes over the next hour and played with the heater in my Ford Escape. At 7:30 it was off to Bastrop again as I got on the 45 tollway I began to sing the song “oh how he loves us” by David Crowder.  I soon hit the 130 tollway where the speed limit is 75 MPH thank God!  I mostly thought about my job situation until I got on hwy 71 toward Bastrop.  At this moment i began praying and soon got distracted by the beutiful countryside (a mixtere of open ranch/farm land and clusters of oak trees as well ans pine trees.  THe sky looked beautiful as I headed east on hwy 71 right into the view of the sun rising over the country side!  From time to time you see clusters of cattle grazing the pasture on the right side of the hwy.  As I entered Bastrop, TX I saw the bank that my one of my cousins works at and thought to myself ” I need to go bye there and see her before I leave, which I never did!” I then thought man maybe she can get the bank to just give me some money (stupid thought I know but you think a lot of thoughts when you are unemployed).  As I exited I saw “Whataburger” and if you know me then you know what happened next. Oh yeah it was time to stuff my face on one of those Breakfast on a Bun (BOB) combos with the hash browns and coffee.  I rolled up to the window where I was greeted by a nice lady (mid 20’s) who looked ruff and like life was giving her a swift kick in the pants.  My heart immediately went out to her as it often does in those situations and I became all the more eager to move to Austin so I can try to follow my dream of being the small town missions evangelist while serving in the big town singles ministry (until I am married, at that point I would like to go total small town action and plant house churches in the smaller towns- more on that plan to come I promise, but then again if you want to make God laugh, tell him what you plan to do).

“Change of Plans”

As I walked into the Bastrop county police station and courtroom having prayed but I can’t remember If I read or not “for some reason,” I quickly noticed that the place was almost completely empty. I walked up to the counter and asked the lady there what time my court date was. As I was doing this the cop behind the bullet proff window at the police counter was trying to get the attention of a bewildered old man staring at another office that was closed.  I yelled to him and he turned around revealing the hearing aid in his ear.  As he walked toward the police counter the court room receptionist informed me that my court date had been moved to the 12th and they had sent me a letter (which I recieved) stating that.  I thought to myself ( you idoit why did you just assume the letter was a reminder, you should have read it all).  Well as I would soon find out it was a good thing I was in Bastrop that day. (warning this is going to be a rather long blog)

“A Sad Reality 4 The Family”

As I walked into my grandma’s house ( a 4 bedroom trailer where my mom, sister, brother in law, there three kids, uncle, and grandma live) my nephew Robert ran me down and gave me a huge hug as my niece was asleep on the living room floor and my oldest nephew Sam was playing Super Mario Bros on the computer. As I walked into the bathroom of my grandma’s room my heart almost stopped.  Down on the floor laying very limp was my my grandmother’s cat Ms. Princess (16 yrs old).  She could barely move her head up to acknowledge my voice (this is a scene I have seen many times before).  Knowing what this meant I asked my grandmother who was laying on her bed watching TV as usual, and she said the cat had been her normal self and then all of the sudden the night before she went in the and laid down and stayed there all night.  We decided to take her to the vet where we dropped her off so the Doctor could examine her.  As we left to go to Walmart I noticed the overpowering smell of where my cat sprayed my back car seat.  As I entered Walmart I saw my cousin Little John walking out and thought man I can catch up with him.  He is going through some things right now. Unfortunately him and the woman he was with were in a hurry and he couldn’t talk.  It was then off to Mc Donalds, (I know yuck, but my Grandmother wanted a parfait and what grandma wants grandma gets) as we walked in everyone glared at us which is usual when they see this 6’2 mixed guy walk in with this 5 ft little old white lady that is as cute as she can be.  I helped her to the table as she has mobility problems due to back pain.  As we scarfed down our food so we could get back to the vet I contemplated on the reality that we would face once we got back there.  After taking a few calls from  my brothers in Christ,, Adam and Randy on my way back to the vet, We walked into the examination room where we discovered (or actually I discovered not the vet) that the cat had a golf ball sized tumor on her hind leg.  I then asked the Dr. to speak outside with me in private for a minute.  He told me ion his professional opinion the cat had 9-10 days at the most.  We decided to take her home and make her comfortable so she didn’t have to die on some operating table.

“Time W/The Family”

Once we got back home I really wanted to get on the road and get back to Dallas but my grandmother convinced me to stay and wait for my mom to get home. I decided to take a nap so I could be rested on my way back but then I was awaken by my niece whom was adament that it was time to play and not to sleep because the sun was out. There was no changing her mind as she tightened the wrap around her finger that is uncle Jeremy. Once my mom got home we went to a really good Mexican restaurant in the summer wild fire ravaged Bastrop, Texas called Guadalajara! Grandma treated us (I picked up the tip) and i had beef fajitas!  My mom and I talked about our job situations and I shared my opinion on hers.  We encouraged each other and then I took them home.  I prayed on the trip back to Dallas.  I made two pit stops, one at the Chevron in Manor Texas to fill up the tank and one at the Petro center just north of Hillsboro, TX.

Peace out

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