Day #4

Hello Ya’ll!

I am actually writing this blog a day late as I was not able to get to the internet last night to blog.  This will be a condensed version due to the fact I have two to write tonight.

Half way started

This morning I woke up and spent some time reading in Proverbs five.  I was having a hard time concentrating this morning.  “For a man’s ways are in full view of the LORD, and he examines all his paths.” Proverbs 5:21 Daily Scripture.  After cleaning up as I remember, I caught up w/ one of the sisters in the Florida church (I haven’t spoken to in a year) over the phone.  I was super fired up by her heart for the singles ministry.  She shared how she is contemplating joining the School of missions they are starting in Florida to help facilitate some of the mission work in Central and South America.  This school will prepare people for the mission field.  I must admit that though I read my bible this morning i did not begin the day in prayer and it showed.

“On To The Mission”

Having left the house without praying this morning, it was off to a bible study.  Of course I then either called or was called by one of the sisters in LA.  I asked here to pray over the phoine with me as I was on my way to study the bible with a friend and then off to an interview with the Art Institute of Dallas.  We prayed and God worked.  I arrived at the Chiropractors office to get adjusted where I met up with Adam whom I also communicated with this morning. After I got adjusted we were gonna meet my friend for lunch to study the bible but it was post-pond.

“The Interview”

I reached the Art Institute and after navigating my way through the maze of a complex to find the entrance, I walked into the lobby where I noticed that about 21 others were preparing for the same interview.  For some reason this made me feel a little uneasy (you can enlighten me as to why) but I grabbed to form from the receptionist, sat down and began to feel it out.  The guy I sat down next too just happened to be the guy that I saw out in the parking lot dressed in pink corduroy jeans, a black and white checkered shirt and Steve Erkle glasses. I thought to myself I can’t believe he showed up to this interview dressed like this, but then I thought that maybe it was acceptable being this is the Art Institute which probably attracts “artsy” people! Soon a lady came out and ushered us all into a room where we waited for; “well… I am not sure what we were waiting for) an uncomfortable silence filled the room.  As we were sitting their a tried to strike up a convo with the guy sitting next to me hoping that it would oopen up the opportunity to reach out later.  He shared that he used to sell (I can’t remember what he said actually but it wouldn’t matter as you will soon see).  Soon after, two women walked in the room full of energy as the older one (probably in her 50’s) welcomed us and shared that they would be giving us a presentation on the Art Institute, job, and comp plan. After that they notified us that they would leave the room briefly and anyone who thought the job wasn’t for them would be able to leave at that time.

“The Presentation”

As the presentation began the younger woman (mid 30’s) started sharing about the Art Institute and the programs it offers.  She had been with the company 10 years and seemed to be the supervisors pet! (Nothing wrong with that right)? Then the presentation shifted into a totally different atmosphere as the Older woman got up, ( the director ) she started to share about the expectations and how we will go through an intense 3 weeks of training in this facillity where they will be all over us making sure that we adhere to federal guidelines and then we will go to a national training where they will intensly train us and if we survive that then we will come back and they will monitor our calls (100 expected calls a day) and do secret monitoring and surproise monitoring etc…. I quickly started to see why there was so much turnover at this office do to the fact that it seemed like it was run like an extended military boot camp.  I immediatly began preparing mentally for the challenge that this position would present me with.  Though no one likes to be micro managed I thought to myself (maybe God will use this position to toughen me up mentally for some task he wants to use me for in the future).   At the end of the presentation they left the room and the guy next to me left as did two others that i honestly believe she planted in the class to try to play mind games with us.  The two women re-entered the room and told us that they wanted each of us to stand up and tell them a little about bit ourselves.  I watched as a few people stood and started sharing. (of coarse I was thinking to myself, what am I gonna say)!!!!!!  Finally I decided to jump up and share.  I stated my name and that I prefer to go by Jeremiah in the business setting. I then shared that I have 10 yrs experience recruiting students, customer service, and or sales.  I shared that i strongly believe in education and I think it is the way to break thee cycle of poverty. I stated that I was excited about the opportunity to help students reach their goals.  As I sat down I started kicking myself for not sharing more. After listening to some of the other candidates more creative introductions I was convinced that I would not be chosen to continue in the interviewing process.

“The Selection”

After the last introduction the two women left the room again.  When they returned the Director called out seven names of which mine was not one of them.  She asked those seven people to come with her.  Then the other woman called out seven more names of which my name was not called, and askedx those seven to go with her. After they left the remaining 6  to 7 of us started talking about how akward this was.  One lady said she hates not getting chosen as it felt like we were the rejects.  Another lady shared that this is probably like “top chef” where the ones not chose are actually the winners.  Right after she said that the Director walked in and said can I have “Jeremy Lindley” please.  I told the room “I’ll see ya later thinking I was about to be escorted out the building.  As I wlaked into the halway the hard-nosed director shook my hand and led me to a room where she began “interviewing me!” She grilled me on what I did in the ministry and what I do for Devcon security.  She told me that their is high turnover etc. Then she asked me if 45k to 50k salary would be a good motivator for me!  She asked me how can she know that I will take this job seriously and hit my numbers.  I shared with her that I started my secular career late in life (I was nervous as all get out when I was talking to her but I played the calm collected and surrendered role) and that I am not looking to bounce from job to job, but instead am looking to advance in a field and this is the field that i believe suits my talents best.  I then shared that I don’t have a problem with micro managing because victory is in the details and I can tell that you are a woman you is driven and will train me from where I am at to where I need to be and that you take that very seriously and I can get behind that because I take my career and my goals very seriously and this job is a means to fulfilling some life goals that I have outside of work.  She said that she wants to bring me on board and will send me through for the background check and I should here back in a week!

“The Dilemma”

This is where I need you guys to chime in the most and advise me in your comments.  I have already gone through 3 interviews with the Austin campus but after a very successful third interview, it has been over a week since I have heard back from them.  I did this interview b/c I hadn’t heard back from Austin.  The Austin site seems way more laid back and I would much rather work at that site.  However this site is in Dallas, I can probably make more, but it will be a stressful work invironment which is ok, I can handle that but would definitly prefer Austin for other reasons as well.  I am surrendered to where God wants me but I am definitly hoping it is Austin. Especially since the austin location is a 5 minute walk from myt moms job.

“Road Trip”

After the interview it was off to Austin, TX (I had a court date the next morning there for a traffic ticket I am contesting).  I got some good prayer time on the way down and arrived at the Austin Christian Church midweek where the preacher prematurely announced that I was moving there and had already accepted a job at the Art Institute of Austin!  The congregation seemed excited but I wasn’t sure if it was going to come to pass.  After catching up with the brothers their I headed out.  Man I have been traveling A LOT lately!

Love you guys, I’m out!

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2 Responses to Day #4

  1. Sister (Houston Church) says:

    Hi, Jeremy..don’t personally know you however I stumbled across your blog when I was catching up with friends on facebook. Don’t really know why I felt the need to click on your blog link but perhaps the Holy Spirit did! I appreciate your openess and vulnerability by putting it all out there for others to read. In reading your blog post about you job situation the following scripture kept popping in my little brain: Isaiah 30:21 “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way; walk in it” .

    I felt lead to share that with you. I will pray about this situation for you and trust that in the quietness you will hear the whisper of God’s direction.

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