Day #3

Hello everyone, I recieved a message today telling me not to try to shorten my blog because it will make it seem rushed so being as though I am new to blogging I will follow that advice until more people advise me against it. So obviously todays blog will be longer than yesterdays but hopefully not as long as Sundays.

Better Get A Move On

I woke up this morning with my mind thinking about a weird dream I had the night before.     I have had two weird dreams in the last two nights, one involving a White Tiger running loose on the street and one involving a sales team comprised of disciples of Jesus.  Well after realizing that it was 7:30 and I was supposed to meet a sister at the coffee shop down the street at 8am for a quiet time (but mainly to pray about both of our job situations as neither of us have heard from the jobs we are supposed to start for a couple of days now) I decided I needed to get-a-move-on as we say in the south.  Luckily she text me sharing she had an issue and would be an hour late (relief). I thought yes I can get ready without feeling rushed!

Growing in God

Once i got to the Lone Star Coffee I started my QT as I waited for her to arrive Prov 3&4 “Honor the LORD with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine.” Daily scripture.  As I reflected on this, Stephanie Stylianou arrived and we ordered breakfast, I ordered the sausage egg and cheese croissant with raspberry jelly which may I add, there’s is the bomb! Stephanie is one of the sisters that we reached out to when I was leading the UT-Arlington campus ministry, her parents live about a mile from me.  We had a great conversation about different challenges we encounter when reaching out to people as well as both of our insecurities about our seemingly impending job situations.  Since it was freezing or at least it seemed like it was freezing outside we went to the Lodge clubhouse at my apartment complex to pray about our job situations and as I was feeling a little unsettled about not having heard from the company I am supposed to start work for since we spoke last Thursday, I was reminded of Prov 3:5 Trust in the Lord and an amazing level of calmness entered my heart while I was praying to God.  Soon after we met guy named Derrick whose little Dotson ran up to us as he was out for a walk.  Derrick manages the corner market in my planned housing community (Austin Ranch) that I live in.  After summoning the courage to ask, I invited him to come to one of our bible talks in which he didn’t respond but now I know where he works so rest assured that he will be invited again!

This No Make Me Happy.

It was off to Spring Creek barbeque (my favorite barbecue joint) to meet with Adam for some spiritual mentoring time.  He was running late so I started reading more out of the book Failing Forward.  The challenge was to change the perception of failure. “The difference between greatness and mediocrity is often how an individual views a mistake.” -Nelson Boswell-  This book is quickly helping me not get down on myself so badly when I fail!  I like it not because of any new info but because it motivates me.  Adam showed up and we went in only to find out that Spring Creek BBQ’s New Years present to everyone was to raise the price on just about everything.  Not happy about my lunch special going up $0.35.

The Drive

After lunch with Adam it was off to the Chiropractor to get adjusted then after a conversation with the Marcus Heard ( a great early 40’s eligible single brother in the DFW church) I was encouraged to drive to the other side of the DFW metro area to visit my good buddy and brother in the faith Nelton Pritchard.  So after nailing down a bible study time with my chiropractor for tomorrow, I set out to make the trek from Downtown Dallas to way west Ft Worth, TX.  Jamming to 94.9 the christian station I decided to make a pit stop in Arlington, TX at the Starbucks that my former co-worker in the ministry Savanah works at.  She wasn’t there but I was able to pick one of my former students brains about the culinary program she completed considering the school I am supposed to start recruiting for has a culinary program.  It was then back on the road to Ft. Worth.

The Tempter

I finally made it to Neltons 2 hours after setting out to get there.  Nelton who suffers from a disability that forces him to use walk with crutches permanently answered the door just in the nick of time because Satan was at work on my heart right after I knocked on Neltons door.  See as soon as I knocked I turned around and noticed a woman working out in the fitness room. I immediately felt the urge to want to be noticed by her as I stood outside Neltons door.I made sure not to look at her but the overwhelming urge to want to be noticed was present.  then Neltons door openned and that urge quickly dissipated.  “ No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. ”  1 Corinthians 10:13

Good News and Sad reality

As I entered Neltons small humble apartment on the west side of Ft Worth I was warmly greeted by his mother Ethel (Whom Nelton baptized 8 months ago).  We talked and she treated me to non other than a cold Dr. Pepper!  I was encouraged by the Prichards as Ethel asked advice about how to reach out in different situations and as she shared about this woman she is reaching out to in her apartments.  We talked about everything from the state of churches today and how in a lot of the mega churches not only do they not read the Bible or preach from the Bible but Jesus isn’t even mentioned in most of them today.  It seems like it is more about bring people to church than to Christ. We shared about how 15 years ago as southern baptists (the denomination we were all affiliated with previously) we really seemed to think (though we wouldn’t publically admit it) that we were the only church that truly preached the word and called people to obey the bible, and how now a days it seems like ther eis no standard at all in most of the churches.  We shared about our beliefs on Hell and God’s judgement whether those that are condemned actually burn forever in the fiery lake or whether they go to Gehenna (Hades) to be punished and then at the judgement day are thrown into the lake of fire where thier soul is destroyed and they just perish but aren’t in eternal torment.  ( we all decided to believe the best case senario but live as though the worst case senario was true).  After catching up it was off to a birthday party for one of the single mothers in our bible talk. Her son turned 11.  I let her 17 year old niece practice for her drivers license by driving my escape and I told her to drive it like its a truck not a little car . she smiled and put that suv to work.

I’m out guys but please pray for my job situation to clear up tomorrow!

Jeremiah Lindley

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